"Compelling and scandalous...Had me completely hooked from the chilling   beginning to the astonishing end."
                     -Craves the Angst Book Review

Liberty Strong is a daytime darling, a soap opera star in the Hollywood sky. But will that star be extinguished? She’s angered the powers that be and now a shadowy network boss is spying on her, her shrink is sabotaging her and near, far too near, is an elusive and menacing fan. Add to that the open casting day known as The Scramble—the one day each year the studio gates are open wide to the public, where would-be soap opera stars line up, fresh blood for a dying daytime world. They won’t stop at her lines--they’ll steal her life. If Liberty were smart, she’d run. But Liberty is stubborn. And Liberty is strong. 

"Saucedo and Price take into account the reader’s intellect and...turn it on its head, with one page-turning event...after another." 
             -Highlights Hollywood

"Meant to thrill and keep you turning page after page...This is a must read!" 

"Absolutely a page-turner."

              -Love In The Margins

Circle Her Soul / Book Two in the Liberty Strong Series.

Fresh from six months on a Thailand film set, soap opera star Liberty Strong returns to Los Angeles to reclaim her family, her reputation, her life. And maybe Walker, the handsome set builder turned co-star. She's got a heart full of hope and a fist full of his love letters. But something is wrong. Walker is not the same man. He's distant. On edge. When Liberty wakes up on the Santa Monica boardwalk with a message scrawled in her left palm and a ticket for the looming ferris wheel in her right, she knows what she's in for: a terrifying ride.

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Nik Price writes about dark things in well-lit places; also know as dirty deeds that happen in Los Angeles. Dead Extra is Book One in the Liberty Strong Series, co-written with Michael Saucedo. Join the newsletter and get updates on new releases!